What is the Best Baby Stroller?

what is the best baby strollerHow do parents decide on what is the best baby stroller for them?  No doubt, a baby stroller is an essential item for a mom or dad.  And this piece of baby gear is used from practically day one until age 3 or 4, or even beyond.  And depending on your needs and preferences, a stroller can be a big investment.

It can be difficult to decide on what baby stroller is best for your needs, given the huge selection on the market.   Do you want an inexpensive and lightweight stroller, or are you looking for a fully loaded model?  Would an all purpose basic stroller meet your needs?  Will you just be taking this stroller to the grocery store, or do you like to jog through city streets?  Do you need a stroller that will handle two or more children?

The main things you need to think about before you purchase your stroller is how much you intend to spend, where you plan to take the stroller, and where you live. For example, if you live in an urban environment and do a lot of walking you will need a sturdy stroller that’s easily maneuvered up curbs as well as in narrow aisles of local shops.

A basic car seat stroller and frame will probably work for you when your baby is young if if the only time you plan to use it is for quick errands.  Later move to a lightweight stroller when your child gets older.  If you are an active parent who enjoys hiking and running you will want to look into jogging strollers that are more rugged.  Don’t be surprised if you wind up with a few different strollers in your garage or closet as your needs adjust with as your child grows.

What is the Best Stroller – 6 types of baby strollers

Standard-size baby strollers are available in lots of  assorted designs and styles.  Common features include a padded and comfortable seat that is able to comfortable padded seat that can be adjusted to different reclining  positions.  They may also have a storage bin underneath the seat and a shade that protects baby from the sun.  The baby may face the parent, or face forward, but many models have the option to place baby either way.  They can range in price from economical to fully loaded luxury modes.

Car seat strollers are made to fit into a lightweight metal frame specifically designed for that car seat.  You operate this system by unlatching the car seat from it’s base in your car and click it into the metal frame, creating a baby stroller.  This is a nice way to go for infants, as they are fully supported.  A convenient feature of the car seat stroller is the frame can be folded up and thrown in the trunk of the car.  But your baby will outgrow this stroller when she outgrows her infant car seat.

Travel systems are an upgraded approach to the car seat stroller method.  They are conventional baby strollers that come with a matching infant car seat.  They work like the car seat strollers above, but your infant does not outgrow this system once they outgrow the car seat.   While a great option, it’s also heavier, larger and costlier than the car seat stroller type.

Lightweight baby strollers, also known as umbrella strollers, are extremely portable.  They normally weigh around 12 pounds and are extremely compact when folded up.  These are pretty basic strollers, usually without padding and not adjustable.  The advantage is they are inexpensive.  Older babies and toddlers do better in these strollers, and they are commonly not recommended for young babies or infants.

Jogging strollers have a lightweight frame and three bicycle wheels to provide a gentle cruise for the baby and the jogger.  They are just the thing you need to take your baby on a run or a long walk.  Some even work on rugged terrain.  They also come in models designed for multiple children.   These are popular in city environments, because the  3 wheel design makes navigating streets and curbs easier.  They are large and hard to get up and down stairs, or in store aisles and they aren’t as compact when folded like other stroller models.

Double and triple strollers allows mom or dad to transport two or three children at the same time.  Tandem strollers seat the children behind one another.  Side by side models seat the children next to each other.

What is the best baby stroller? – Conclusion

This is an individual decision, based on your needs, your preferences and your budget.  Carefully weigh what you want, how you will use it, the age of your child and how much you can spend.  Read reviews.  Most importantly, buy one and get out there and enjoy your baby!

By:  Bonny Blake

Questions and Answers

Which baby stroller I should Buy ?I want to buy a good quality baby traveling set stroller. What’s You recommendations..

Posted by Nurlan
BonnyWell… My first recommendation is to study the negatives to using a car seat as a carrying device outside of the car (that’s what I think of when you say traveling set.) First is if you keep a baby in a car seat for long periods of time or leave them to sleep in it they are more likely (especially in the first 4 months) to have oxygen deprivation (they recommend your baby sleep on a flat surface, and you don’t have a choice while in a car, but you do in a stroller.) Second is the more you take it out of the car the more likely something is to happen to the car seat so it’s less effective in an accident. Third, the weight of a car seat plus baby is ridiculously high.So then consider strollers. There are many that lay flat. The only negative to most of the strollers (in America anyway) are that most face away from mom/dad. Studies have shown that parents are less likely to engage with their children when they can’t see their faces, and babies are less likely to laugh, make eye contact, talk, etc in a stroller facing away from the parents (forward facing.) You can find them though, especially if you live in the UK Prams are not uncommon or that terribly expensive. But, so long as you take the time to talk to your children and spend time face to face with them when you can, then you can work around that negative of a stroller so long as you keep them laying flat until they’re old enough to sit up.Another option is to think outside the box. Consider a chest carrier, wrap or sling. The Ergo and Moby Wrap are my favorites. There have never been any studies showing an oxygen deprivation moment in these (or most other carrying devices, except the weird slings that curled them up that were recalled.) And so long as baby is facing you then they are getting the face to face contact, hearing you talk more often, you are more likely to talk more often, getting rid of the developmental delays that happen when they don’t get that enough. The Ergo goes to 40lbs, but the Moby Wrap is an easy one to use especially in the first 6-12 months until they are a good sitter then you can get a more lightweight and easy to use stroller. And as far as traveling, wearing your baby is a lot easier on busses, in airports, in malls, anywhere really, as opposed to a stroller.So strollers I recommend. For newborn up, you need a laying flat one. Chicco strollers ALL lay down flat and many Graco do now as well. The Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe lays flat and is compatible with their car seat, and all Chicco carseats fit in their strollers, so there ya go. Though I wouldn’t use them like that, those are what I would recommend if you want to go with a set. I’d recommend personally buying the car seat nice and a bit more expensive and just getting a Chicco stroller used though since they are almost never recalled and that gives you a bit better car seat for your buck. For about 2 months up, the jogging strollers (though you can’t jog until they’re older) are my favorites as they are thin, easy to maneuver, and can go through anything (gravel, snow, sidewalks, sand, grass, etc.) The Baby Trend joggers are my favorites because they’re simple and rarely have recalls. The baby Trend also make car seats that fit on the strollers, but I HATE their car seat fastener system so try it out before you invest in that.

Baby stroller?What is the procedure when travling with a stroller.Do you have to check it in or do you bring it into the plane with you?

Posted by slow
BonnyHave you ever heard of an umbrella stroller? This may not apply to all Airlines, but the Airline I work for allows you to actually carry on this type of stroller. Of course it would be counted as your carry on allowance unless you purchased a seat for your child then it could be their carry-on then you could have one carry-on for yourself. It can also be gate checked for you too. The great thing about this is for one thing they are not expensive…$12.99 on the Target website, plus they come with a travel bag to put it (in case you need to check it in) The cost is so low that if something does happen to it your not out a lot of money.So, if you are flying United you can carry it on. If you are flying someone else call and see if they allow it too.Best of luck, and enjoy your trip!!
Best double stroller for baby and toddler?I am expecting a baby. When he/she is born, my son will be 2 1/2 years old. I want a double stroller made for infants/infant car seats but can also seat a bigger baby (as the baby grows) and that also a seat for my toddler…there are a lot of double strollers out there and I find it confusing. Any recommendations on the kind I should get?
Thanks! I should also add my son is a little on the tall side. I wouldn’t want to invest a lot of money for him to outgrow it really fast…

Posted by LaLaLa
BonnyToddler seats attachments for strollers generally have a weight limit so if your toddler at 2.5y is already at or close to that weight limit you may want to take that into consideration.I think the graco tandem (front and back seats rather than side by side seats) is compatible with an infant car seat so it may suit your needs
Http://about.pricegrabber.com/search_get…Personally I think the Phil & Teds Vibe OR Love’n’Care Europa are the utmost best positioned toddler and baby strollers as they don’t tip over from unevenly positioned weight, have 3 seat positions and they can be used just for the baby alone when the toddler gets older so it is not a cumbersome uselss stroller, it is extremely functional and can be used for a long time. But they do not take an infant car seat i think.
the toddler can sit up front with the baby laying flat and then the double seat can be put underneath so both are sitting upright.
Actually the phil and teds does have a compatible travel system!
and this is the love n care one that is based on the same system
Http://lovencare.com.au/strollers-and-pr…Or you can get the side attachements for nearly any stroller. Its like a “side car” seat with wheels that attaches to the side of your stroller and makes it like a double stroller but its detachable. Pretty practical i guess and you could use anu stroller that housed your infant car seat.
Http://daddytypes.com/2006/10/06/the_bug…then you have the sit and stand stroller…but i think they’re ugly lol,
Http://www.sitnstandstroller.org/or you can have a buggy board…

or even this…

or this type of toddler seat attachment but to me its very unsafe and can topple over as it very top heavy

do your research and find the one that suits your lifestyle the best i suppose…as you can see there are lots of options out there for you!

Good luck.

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